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Change is an unavoidable occurrence in the workplace, yet it is often met with resistance. In order for managers to combat this they need to learn how to use their adaptability to change AS a competitive advantage. The speed with which a business reacts to change can sometimes lead to its success or failure (Amos, 690). Changes made: Du Chenne changes made: 13 Du Chenne decided on 360 degree Compass wheel of Orientation to bring about necessary change in Compass SA. This was a diagram showing layers with company values at the centre, then investing in people, value streaming and process reengineering next, building knowledge communities and then finally a range of practical imperatives on the outermost layer. Compass had to move from power/role orientation to achievement. /support orientation. His first move in order to signify the change from top-down communication and to communicate his vision for change was to hold a meeting of 55 senior Compass executives. The aim of this meeting was to give these employees to chance to speak freely about how they saw the organisation and their role in it. The purpose of this was to break down hierarchical barriers and step away from the autocratic approach previously favoured. Prior to this meeting Du Chenne had had very little communication with the manager below that of the executive committee. 14 In this meeting each delegate form a department was given the opportunity to make a presentation on his/her role in the company and to have his/her say on what they believed to be the strengths and the weakness of the company. Du Chenne decided further to survey the delegates at the meeting in order to establish how they perceived the skills and cultural fit of the executive committee members. The results of this survey led to executives being positioned in one of four quadrants on a matrix: “skills and fir

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