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(I) 5 Best Practices for a Successful Payroll System There are five best ways by which an organization can maximize its pay roll system efficiency, prevent its error and properly manage the system easily while there lots of time spent by HR on payroll. The first practice is creating transparency that is to produce a pay policy in writing form, post it prominently and provide a copy to each employee to reduce the chance of accidental time theft, miss-classification, underpaid taxes and other issues. Second is to automate the process with payroll software program which will save organization’s cost from 1% to 8% produced by manual system. Then the firm should audit the process once or twice a year to minimize the error, costs whether automated or manual process is being used. To prevent time loss by employees it can use check-in system that automatically records an employee’s hours when they sign in the office or it can decrease fraud by using fingerprint scanner. As the IRS tax tables and Federal and state labor regulations are changing day by day and it is necessary to know the current news about this the firm should download latest tax tables and labor regulations, updates its payroll system. Whether any firm goes with automation or not but it must ensure its payroll system transparent, audit on a regular basis and remain up to date. Source: Morgan Meagan Webb, (2013). Citing Reference. (Online). Available from:> (Accessed on May, 24, 2013 at 11.10pm) (II) The Role of Social Media in Recruitment Now a day when a firm is recruiting employees for itself, social media like face book, twitter, yahoo etc. are playing the role of a key component. Writing a blog, keeping your profile always up to date is related with that. But there may be question how well and

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