Hr Guidlines In Crisis Managment Essay

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Disaster Preparedness Guidelines for Employers Guidance on Human Resource Issues that could arise during an event *Modification from the Kentucky Hospital Association Disaster preparedness plans must address the human component in organizations. Guidelines are provided for responsibility structure, staffing, contingent human resource (HR) policies, and after disaster actions. The severity and duration of the disaster will determine which of the guidelines to use. Responsibility Structure Because we must be concerned equally about caring for our employees and protecting our employer a “responsibility structure” should be devised so that all affected managers, HR leaders and individuals in other key functions noted are clear on who is responsible for what once it is determined employees are safe and are ready to start back to work. Managers/Supervisors Role: To closely monitor performance levels of all employees and refer to support professionals to facilitate early problem solving. Human Resources Managers Role: To assist managers with early problem detection, evaluate employee issues and refer to support professionals. Employee Assistance Counselors These individuals include staff members and independent contractors brought in to assist due to the large number of cases. Role: To provide professional counseling for employees who may need assistance with personal problems, stress management, etc., and refer employees as necessary for outside assistance. • Conduct and/or attend debriefing or tension-reducing sessions whenever possible. • Advise senior HR managers regarding overall company trends or problems. • Educate managers/supervisors and HR staff about early problem detection and intervention techniques. Employee Health Role: To provide assistance and/or referrals to employees who have general health complaints.

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