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.1 Background Servo Engineering; the company commenced business in 1897 as producer of mining equipment. Even after having certain issues inside the company it has managed to hold the very bet position in the market for last 50 years as a manufacturer of commercial vehicle component. 3.2 Structure The structure refers to a process which should be consistent & facilitate the company’s mission statement as well as implementation of its business strategy. (Harrison 1993).Structure makes possible the application of the process of management and creates a framework of order and command, through which the activities of the organization can be planned, organised, directed and controlled. (Mullins,1993). Structure can be either hierarchical meaning with many layers of authority and responsibility or flatter, meaning managers and employees usually work together where communication is easy and more direct. The structure shows the relationship between top management and the employees at horizontal or vertical level. (Currie , 2006). Servo Engineering is a mechanistic organization considering the attributes of a mechanistic organization. For instance, the company is serving in a stable market for many years. Internally, it is highly structured, it has got hierarchical ranks, and there is a strong boundary between the departments and functions (Currie 2006). These boundaries are named SMT inside the organization. But each SMT exercises complete level of bureaucracy. According to Weber’s theory of bureaucracy (1964) it emphasises most on fixed division of task, hierarchical supervision & formal rules and regulations. The top management tried to find one best way of doing a certain job and the employees are expected to follow them as stated in Taylor’s (1856-1917) scientific management theory. This theory also deals with the development of true science for doing a certain

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