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RUNNING HEAD: Team B Wireless Team B- Course Project HR 584 Managing International Human Resources October 21, 2012 Abstract Team B Wireless is a U.S. company that is looking to expand its business overseas. The organization has narrowed the choices between Beijing, China and Bangalore, Karnataka in India. This paper will compare and contrast each city’s labor laws, demographics, language culture, economic stability, HR policies and practices, and HR trends to determine which location will be the most suitable for TBW to set up its operations. Recommendations will be given on the best course of action to be taken determined by the research of these two locations. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Contribution Key 4 Introduction 5 India - Bangalore, Karnataka 6 Labor Laws 6 Demographics 8 Culture 8 Language 9 Economic Stability 10 HRM Policies and Practices 10 HR Trends 11 China – Beijing, China 12 Labor Laws 12 Demographics 13 Culture 14 Language 14 Economic Stability 15 HRM Policies and Practices 16 HR Trends 16 Review of HR Factors 17 Recommendations 21 Works Cited 24 Contribution Key Lori Brooks’ contributions to the project consists of the Introduction, small portion of the India and China, HR Review, and the Recommendation sections Latoya Brown’s contribution to the project consists of the section on China. Sandra Casauay’s contributions to the project consist of the section on India and the Abstract. Ramon Cordero’s contributions to the project are a portion of the Recommendations section and small portion of the Abstract. Introduction In the last 20 years, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions grew from 12.4 million to over 4.6 billion. According to "With or without a recession”, millions of people in India, China, and Nigeria, and other emerging markets will seek out mobile phones, according to the International

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