Hpsd Changes Cell Phone Policy Essay

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In Hattiesburg, Mississippi the Hattiesburg public school district are allowing students to carry cell-phones during school hours. The district has rules regarding cell-phone usage. They can’t be answered during class. The must be on silent or vibrate. The superintendent Bacchus said allowing cell-phone is a way of the future. Bacchus is the superintendent for Hattiesburg Public School District. Bacchus said he decided to let the students have cell-phones because there were so many disciplinary actions dealing with cell-phones. Burnett is the superintendent for Lamar County School District. Burnett thinks that students shouldn’t be allowed to have cell-phones because there are some major concerns about students have cell-phones one of the reason are student could give and receiving answers to test. Debbie Burt is the superintendent for Forrest County School District. Burt thinks it will cause distraction. So student at Forrest County School District does not allow cell-phones at school. I think every school district should let us have the cell-phones. If you answer in class you just get a major disciplinary. It’s bad in some places but some students take it for granted. It’s a good and bad situation but some students will try to cheat or use it for the wrong reason. I agree with superintendent Bacchus because its least people are getting in trouble and least people dropping out. There are too many student dropping out or getting expel for using their cell-phones and getting disciplinary so many

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