HPs Printing Industry Research Methods And Marketing Strategy

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Executive Summary In the past 4 years, HP has been launching various types of printers in order to retain market share and increase shareholder value to achieve success. HP has developed different marketing mix strategies and corresponds to steps taken by competitors. We test the success of the strategy by strictly evaluating the 4Ps and comparing them to secondary-gathered-data to discover the relationship between the strategic decisions conducted by their decreasing dominance in the market. The research proved that HP has invested more in technology rather than understanding market needs. It was evident that strategic decisions were based on competitive behaviors rather than market demands. The market research available conducted by HP was limited leading to the understanding that as market leader HP have become relaxed in their behavior in launching market leading products. This provided a comprehensive understanding of the shrinking sales from the printer market to HP overall sales. This relaxed approach has also invited new entrants in the market such as giants like Kodak, Dell and Lenevo to take a further slice away from HP’s market. Overall it can be concluded that a new strict strategic marketing approach needs to be developed in order to maintain the past success and contract the giants like dell, Kodak and Lenevo. 1.0 Introduction The current economic conditions and tough market competition has had a real turn around in how HP conducts its marketing strategy. Shrinking profit margins and new entrants have had an impact on HP’s dominance in the inkjet printers market. Despite the emerging market such as laser and photo printer market, ink jet based printers still form the biggest slice of the market. This is because majority of households are equipped with ink jets due to their size, maintenance and running cost. A Market Report by

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