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Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Problems that the company faced : 4 Solutions 5 Conclusion 6 Abstract "The HP way" though has had benefits but is a fascist culture that doesn't evolve with time. The company has had tremendous success in the past and has had practices and motivational levels of employees that other companies can only dream off, but can the future also show the same results is one question that is of utmost importance. There are still some problems that exists within the company that will be discussed in report. Further this piece will also put focus on some practices that may be integrated within the company that mitigate the stated problems below. Introduction The HP way is one that has been discussed throughout the case. The success of HP has been highly dependent upon these specific practices. The HP way is a subtle way and is quite difficult to describe in words. Employees at HP are expected to create their own ways of contributing to the company. The process of doing things is highly important and cannot be corrupted at HP. The employees are generally satisfied with the company and in most areas more than the industry, approximately 25% more than the industry norms. 93 % employees suggest others to work for the company and 83 % feel that they have contributed something valuable in the company. This means that levels of motivation are high. to further strengthen this analysis and claim we have proof when it is told that employees at HP never say anything bad about the company. The company strongly believes on autonomy and an example of this is that they allow their employees to make their own MBO. The employees that are hired are for lifetime, at least that is the company philosophy ,

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