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Howler monkeys range in size from 56 to 92cm, and have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. These monkeys usually live in groups of about 18 other monkeys. Only one of the monkeys in the group is male and mates with the rest of the females in the group. They are large, stocky, and covered in thick black, reddish, or olive brown fur. Some species have "saddles" of light brown or golden.fur across their shoulders and backs. They are found in many rainforests in Central and South America. In Howler monkeys sexual maturity is achieved at five years by males, and at 3 to 4 years by females. But often the young animals lack the social maturity to be allowed to mate for several more years. Gestation is about 180 to 194 days and sing births are usual. Babies cling to their mother’s fur, and as the babies get older they make their permanent riding positions on the mothers’ backs. This continues for about a year. The young are weaned at around 10 months of age and the young disperse from their natal group upon adulthood. A howlers roar can be heard from as much as 2 miles away and both males and females howl. The howler monkey howls for many reasons usually to warn other fellow howler monkeys of danger, male howlers howl to claim their territory, and also to look for potential mates. These primates move particularly slow for primates and mostly uses their tails to grab and hang off of branches while using its hands for grabbing food. Their tails are strong enough to support the monkey's entire body weight, also their first 2 fingers of each hand are set apart and are opposable to the other three allowing them to easily grab tree branches and other objects like food. Howlers are herbivores and usually stay in the canopy where they get most of their food which is mostly leaves and fruits. They are also known to be the least active of any other species of monkeys as they

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