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Martin 1 Torrie Martin Composition II P.Eliopoulos 28 October 2013 Why Poetry Matters Does Poetry matter? This is a question that I had to ask myself a few times and really think about. In most people’s everyday lives poetry does not matter. I was not sure if it mattered in my life either. After reading “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg I quickly changed my mind. His way of writing and how powerful his words are changed the way I will look at poetry. His writing opened my eyes and made me really think about the true meanings behind these words. Poetry to some is just a jumble of words and sentences that at first glance may not mean anything but with further reading and thinking they transform into insights. So I ask myself again, does poetry matter? Does it have meaning? Yes it does. Allen Ginsberg is one of the most well-known, celebrated poets of his time. Being part of the “Beat” generation of authors, he is known for revolting against literary standards. His works looked into the darker side of society. He chose not to hold back or “sugar coat” what he wanted to say. He expressed his feelings in a manner that was not accepted at the time. By doing so he changed the face of poetry for generations to come and created a sort of cult following. Ginsberg was born in New Jersey in 1926. His father, Louis, was a schoolteacher, his mother, Naomi, a Russian immigrant who suffered from various mental illnesses and was frequently hospitalized. He realized at a young age that he was a homosexual but hid it until he was in his early twenties. His formal education took place at Columbia University. First enrolled as a law student, he fell into the “beatnik” crowd and started writing. He got expelled from Columbia for writing obscene phases and pictures into the dust on his windows but eventually returned switching to becoming a writer. Throughout his life he

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