Howard Zinn Tyranny Is Tyranny

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Reading Response #1 After reading Chapter 4 of A People’s History of the United States by author Howard Zinn, the political advantages in construction of a new nation are illustrated through; economic equality, social harmony and collective, democratic authority. At the beginning of the passage, Zinn provides his audience with his admiration that the founding fathers of America had to break away from British rule. Zinn discusses the movement of “leveling” or economic equality in the colonies. The political advantage of creating a new nation would lead to a majority of its citizens to prosper from economic growth. Oppressed and “poor” citizens would have the opportunity to succeed. Since the English colonists and founding fathers pushed for independence and self-reliance, they could then make a statement of unity, taking ownership of land and property, a majority of citizens profiting and political power. Another advantage of creating a nation is developing social harmony. They urged for a “middle” social class, as opposed to a majority of “poor” citizens and a few wealthy citizens, who have all of the power and control. Zinn pays tribute to the founding fathers by stating how effective their intentions were to start the American Revolution. British Rule was pure tyranny, and under it, the wealthy prospered and the poverty-stricken citizens continued to be oppressed, financially. In order to make a change, one must act upon his or her belief for results. The founding fathers had made a statement for freedom over British rule, by first negotiating diplomatically, and eventually through tactical warfare. Skeptical of victory, the English colonists that chose to secede from the British-Empire, fought for the destiny of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One of the main intentions the founding fathers had; was to construct a new form of
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