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Assignment #1 – Chapter 1 On page 28, Howard Zinn writes “I want to point out that people who seem to have no power, whether working people, people of color, or women-once they organize and protest and create movements-have a voice no government can suppress. Howard Zinn wants to make sure we as the people, know what really and truly went on back when Christopher Columbus was alive. It makes perfect sense how he wants to explain all the detail facts of the different tribes of the Indians. Reading the introduction was extremely deep and then having him write about the different Voyagers. It makes you stop and think twice of what we learned back in Elementary School. Howard Zinn talks about the European Conquerors. Also, he explains what happens in the eyes of the “Arwak Indians.” He describes what they have in their similarities. Also, he points out the bad and the good things that Christopher Columbus did to the “Arwak Indians.” Zinn wants the world to know that all these celebrations, and holidays are for what. He wants to go in depth of the historical background of what really happened to all these famous conquerors. As in, Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Kissinger,…show more content…
When I read it after I went ahead and called my Grandma because she was a big history fan. And I explained to her what I read and asked her why then do we even celebrate Christopher Columbus day? It’s an interesting book and what Zinn is trying to tell us. As I read I remembered all these names that I saw in Elementary School. That’s when we were little and we thought these Voyagers were very helpful to the Indians and the other tribes. But the purpose for all of this, Zinn wrote a great book and did a great job. He wants the world to know the major parts of what really happened back in the era of the 1400’s. Zinn was really upset and he just made a decision on to write a

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