Howard Cosell: A Brief Biography

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HOWARD COSELL By: Schwanka Tanks December 14, 2011 Howard Cosell was born on March 25, 1918, as Howard William Cohen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was born to Isadore and Nellie Cohen. His father was a Polish immigrant and his grandfather was a Rabbi. He attended schools in the public school system in Brooklyn, New York. Howard Cosell was in the United States Army from 1941-1945. He fought in World War II. He worked in the Transportation Corps. In 1944, Howard Cosell married Mary Edith Abrams. Jill Cosell and Hilary Cosell are Howard Cosell's two children. Mr. Cosell was first a lawyer in Manhattan. He received his college degree from New York University and his law degree from New York University.

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