How Would You Perform the Role of Christine Linde

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Question 3 Explain how two or more performers affected the audience by working together at particular moments in one live production that you have seen and assess the success of the performer’s collaboration. I went to see Little Shop Of Horrors in the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester In December 2014. Little Shop of Horrors was a non-naturalistic play, the acting techniques reflected this by being overly exaggerated. The characters in the play used these naturalistic skills together to create effects on the audience. For example in the scene with the dentist, Orin and Seymour work together by exaggeration each other’s movements, for instance, Orin moves sharply and speaks loudly with a menacing tone and Seymour reacts nervously and jumps at particularly loud word that Orin says. As Orin’s tone of voice would get more excited as he says strange things like “Just relax, Seymour...” then Seymour’s would get more shaky and stutter more, pushing up his glasses. Orin remained eye-contact with Seymour to show how confident he is and Seymour deliberately looked away and looked at the floor to show how scared he was of Orin. This created suspense and concern in the audience since the characters are emphasizing the discomfort in the atmosphere. This also affected the audience by making them feel intimidated by Orin and feel sorry for Seymour for attempting to go against him. Another moment in the production was when Audrey and Orin entered the shop and he was mistreating her. The two actors work together physically more than vocally since Orin kept tripping, hitting or gesturing to Audrey. He would exaggerate his movements so when he went to push her he would use both arms and push them forwards at full power and make it seem like it would hurt. Audrey would respond by tripping over or falling down a level to show where Orin thinks she should stand. This creates
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