How Women’s Lives Were Affected by World War One?History Essay.

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How women’s lives were affected by World War one? Introduction Women before the World War one did not have the same opportunities and rights as men; women were counted as the weaker sex. Middle and upper class women didn’t have to work, because husband’s brought the money home because women were counted as being the house wife and house keeper. However women who were in working class had to do domestic jobs such as house servants, and work for the upper and middle class. Job opportunities were extremely limited. As well as this, women worked really hard however they got paid very low wages compared to men. They were counted as the weaker sex as I have mentioned compared to men. However during the war majority of women in north were working in factories. Also middle and upper class women followed the rules of the etiquette. However women had no political rights, middle class women only had political rights for voting only if they are married/they got the vote through their partners. The Suffragettes were a group of women who aimed to achieve the same political rights for women as there were for men. Suffragettes in prison were forced to eat/force-fed because they went on a hunger strike which caused them to starve. Before World War one, working class women mostly did domestic jobs such as servants. However as men went/left for World War one, they left their jobs behind and women had to replace those. As well as this, after the World War one, women now had a political right, which was a big improvement/change for women as they now had higher wages but not as high as men’s. Positive side Several sources highlight the new opportunities and experiences that the Great War provided women. The following sources illustrate this change that many have considered a turning point in women’s history. I will be evaluating them to assess how useful and reliable they
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