How William Shakespeare Affected Literature and Language

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Aguirre 1 How William Shakespeare Effected Literature and Language by Gracie Aguirre February 26, 2014 Aguirre 2 Outline Thesis: William Shakespeare had a major influence on literature and also on the English language. I. Effect on literature A. Plays/Theatre B. Poetry II. Influence A. Influence on other writers III. Effect on language A. Inventing new words Abstract William Shakespeare was an author who greatly impacted literature as well as the English language. He did this by helping bring in the modernization of language. Not only that but Shakespeare also created new words and phrases as well as borrowing words from different langauges. Aguirre 3 William Shakespeare had a major influence on literature and the English language. Shakespeare also influenced many writers and directors since his time. His writing have played a huge role in how writers have written plays. Many authors have even borrowed plots, characters, and themes from some of the plays Shakespeare had written himself. Shakespeare’s writings are still used for authors and directors to model their plays and writings off of today and are an inspiration to man. “ . . . in the second half of the twentieth century in England, we are faced with the infuriating fact that Shakespeare is still our model.” - Peter Brooke As a poet of the Renaissance, Shakespeare wrote in the style and the language of his time. Shakespeare, along with other poets of the Renaissance, helped to bring back the writing style of the ancient Greeks. This style of poetry is called a sonnet and consists of fourteen-lines of verse. Shakespeare along with the other poets during the Renaissance also helped in establishing the use of iambic pentameter as well as other forms of poetry. The change to a more modern form of poetry began before Shakespeare. He did, however, play a major part in keeping
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