How Will Professional Organizations Play a Role in Your Professional Life?

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Week 7: How will professional organizations play a role in your professional life? Alvin Mataac DeVry University Introduction Personal development is essential to the successful performance of any organization. In the 21st century, with growth of science and technology the expectations of people with professional knowledge and skills have also increased. The organization of professional training has become one of the main functions of personnel management. Organizations such as IBM, Motorola and General Motors annually spend billions of dollars on professional development and training of their employees and even created their own standing universities and institutes. Abstract One of the professional organization that admire a lot is The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE for short, is a non-profit organization supported by 38 societies and 7 technical counsels, that is regarded as the leading professional association committed to the advancement of technologies for the betterment of a universal society and the simultaneous wellbeing of mankind. Professionals unified under the IEEE are operating under the large umbrella of electrical and computer sciences. IEEE’s roots were established in 1884 in New York when a group of electrical engineers formed the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, AIEE for short. The organization was formed to support professionals in the fast growing field of electricity and power. In addition to its focus on continuing the professional advancement of established engineers, IEEE also has internet resources geared towards its pre-university audience. Through, IEEE allows prospective engineering students to explore the field by providing them with access to what to expect in the field via expert insights as well as student insights into the field. In 2007, the IEEE initiated the
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