How Were Women Affected by Ww1 Source Pack

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before the war women were seen to be inferior to men as women were seen to be the weaker sex. men and women had separate conjugal roles where the men would be the breadwinner and work to get money and the women would stay in the house doing chores and looking after the children. with so many men away at war there were few people to work in shops and factories so the government decided to get the women involved make them feel like they are doing their part to help the war source A3 shows this as there is a photograph of women working in an ammunition factory it was take during June 1916 knowing that women were needed to work in factories at this time I can establish that this source is very reliable but it lacks information such as the name of the photographer and location also there is no purpose for it which makes us question why was it created as it lacks important information it leads us to believe that the government may have staged this and planned to use it to encourage more women to help in factories just like the one shown in the photograph but never did. as the war began the government needed to get more women to help in factories just like source A4 shows a tactic of the governments to get more women was proper ganda posters which leads us to believe that this source is not very reliable but also useful as it gives us an insight on what the government were doing . source A4 shows a poster of a working women showing that the government want to recruit women for a land army the government has played on religion to encourage women to join the land army as it says 'GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH AND THE WOMAN WHO DRIVES IT' and religion had a big influence on the society. tehre are many limitations on this source as it was created by the government so they gave the artist interpretation and when women would go to the work it would look nothing like the poster

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