How Were Free African Americans In The North Really Free

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Lauren McDonagh S.S. 7-4 3/29/14 Were Free Blacks In the North Really Free? Imagine, you’re free from slavery! But you notice that people give you dirty looks, you can’t go into some restaurants or stores, and many more injustices that you can’t fight back! That’s what free blacks in the north had to deal with. In 1860 the Civil War was on everyone’s mind. The population in the north was 31 million.…show more content…
But if they couldn’t get good jobs anyway, why should they even try in the first place? No one would hire a black man for work. No one wanted to work with a black man either. So usually getting a good job was hopeless, even if they had the education and the requirements. This usually lowered self esteem and would sometimes prevent education for them. That gave the whites another reason to look down on them. Even if they did get a good job, they got treated very poorly by co-workers and managers and bosses. “No one will have me in his office; white clerks won’t associate with me. Drudgery and servitude, then, are my prospective portion. Can you be surprised at my discouragement?” (Doc C) The very small black population with good jobs still would be a target for racism. None of them could talk back or report anyone because they would get fired and maybe arrested. Secondly wouldn’t you want to be a part of choosing your government office? Well most of the black population was not allowed to join political events like voting and jury duty. The only region that allowed blacks to vote was the New England region. And only in
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