How We Deal with Conflict Says Much About Who We Are and What We Value.

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How we deal with conflict says much about who we are and what we value. Whilst it is true to say that actions will always have consequences, it should be considered in terms of conflict that those actions can form particular opinions about a person. It is clear that when faced with a difficult or conflicting situation a person's reaction can display a form of their true self. However in certain extreme situations, a conflict may force a person into a action that he or she may not necessarily agree to and therefore what we see in that person may not be true. It is important to consider the types of conflict and actions a person becomes involved with into order to underline whether or not it indicates who we are and what we value. Why we choose to do something can be based on what we believe and how that action affects us and/or the people around us. In the case of Dead Poets Society, Neil Perry's decision to commit suicide was based on his belief that he could never have the freedom to be what he wanted and therefore believed that it was just too hard to live out his life. John Barton from Looking for Alibrandi is another similar scenario. It is evident, from an audience's perspective, that these two characters were like puppets on a string controlled by their parents and all they wanted was to be able to chose their future. Man vs. Authority is the often the conflict that forces a person's action and from the actions of Neil Perry and John Barton we can say they were boys who valued their freedom but believe they could never get it. People who are compelled into taking action often present a sense of who they are and what they value. A example would be from Perks of Being a Wallflower where Charlie, who was recently ostracised by his friend, intervenes a bully's attack on the same friend. By protecting his friend we can say he deeply values his friendship

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