How Was Jfk Killed Essay

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How was Kennedy killed Chapter 1 The official story is that Kennedy was killed by lee Harvey Oswald. The shots which killed JFK and wounded governor connally were fired from the sixth floor window at the southeast corner of the Texas school book depository the evidence suggested that three shots were fired. Governor Connally was shot by the same bullet that went through JFK’s neck. The shots which killed president Kennedy and wounded governor Connelly were fired by lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald killed dallas police patrolman J.D tippit approximately 45 minutes after the assassination. Within 80 minutes of the assassination and 35 minutes of the tippit killing lee Harvey Oswald or jack ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate president Kennedy. In part of the entire investigation the commission has found no evidence of conspiracy, subversion, or disloyalty to the U.S. Government by the federal state or local official. On the basis of the evidence before the commission it concludes that Oswald acted alone and killed JFK by him self and no one else was to do with the assassination of John F Kennedy. What evidence suggests the official story might not be true Chapter 2 There are problems with the official story version because eye witness who were at the scene claimed they had seen shots fired from behind a wooden fence on the grassy knoll and from the taxes school book depository. When police searched the book depository they found three empty cartridges cases on the floor by the 6th floor window. They also found a mannlicher carcano rifle hidden beneath some boxes. The hand print of lee Harvey Oswald was found on the

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