How War Affects Soldiers

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War has been a constant part of human history. It has greatly affected the lives of people around the world. These effects, however, are extremely destructive. Soldiers must shoulder extreme stress on the battlefield. Those that cannot mentally overcome these challenges may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . Sadly, some resort to suicide to escape their anxiety . Soldiers, however, are not the only ones affected by wars; family members also experience mental distress when their loved ones are sent to war. Timothy Findley very precisely portrays the detrimental effects wars have on individuals in his novel ‘The Wars.’ Findley suggests that war can change a person’s behaviour negatively. Robert Ross, the protagonist of his novel, shows symptoms of what is today known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Findley writes: “His temper, you know, was terrible. Once when he thought he was alone and unobserved I was him firing his gun in the woods at a young tree. Other times he would throw things down and break then on the ground, he had a great deal of violence inside and sometimes it emerged this way with a gesture and other times it showed in his expression when you found him sitting alone in the terrace or staring out a window.” War is having a developing effect in Robert; because he’s being exposed to violence, it leaves him an increasing vulnerable state. His behaviour can be defined as being increasingly violent and can show decreasing in mental health. Robert’s declining mental health may be due to lack of sleep. He said: “Sleep was dangerous, no matter what your mind said, your body didn’t listen. Part of you always stayed awake. Nobody dreams on the battle field. There isn’t any sleep that long.” Robert said this while in a dugout near the trenches. During the night they can hear the sound of distant rifle fire . They constantly hear the sound of war and

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