How Waknuk Was Formed Essay

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The year 2011 had many changes, some good ones some bad ones. But one change in particular led to the extinction of almost every living creature on Earth. The beginning of this tremendous event happened because of small country called Libya. 2011 February the 15th, Libya started protesting against its government. Since Egypt had so much success, they thought it will work on their country too. But it appeared that their governor was more ambitious than Egypt’s governor. They were desperate for change, and some took advantage of this situation. One group of people called the Believers decided that this world needed change. The members of the Believers are all brilliant geniuses, scientists and nuclear weapon experts. They all came from different parts of the world and gathered in a secret underground tunnel. When they heard about what’s going on in Libya, they decided this was the perfect opportunity for their massive plan. But before they could launch their plan, they needed to be ready. They wanted to make sure that their hide out place was going to protect them from what they are about to release, the first ever nuclear bomb since World War 2. People who were a member of the Believers had one reason for doing this and that was they were sick and tired of this world; a world filled with sinful people and criminals. They wanted to purify this world. 2011, May 21st, the protesters in Libya had enough. For two month nothing seemed to work, they were desperate. On the contrary, this was good news for the Believers. With the rest of the world focused on Libya, nobody would suspect that another disaster was going to happen. April 23rd, the believers decided that it was time. The leader put two weapon experts in charge of planting the bomb. Airplanes wouldn’t work due to the fact that there is not enough time, the only solution would be to use their underground tunnel.

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