How Useful Is “Elizabeth the Golden Age” to a Historian Investigating the Spanish Armada?

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Elizabeth the Golden Age is a Modern film based on the Spanish Armada. It is a useful source because it gives us the main key aspects of the Spanish armada, such as the huge storm known as the great gale and how the message that the armada was approaching was sent by lighting fires in the beacons. It shows us how the Spanish had an extremely strong crescent formation which held them in the lead at first and how the British broke it by using big fire ships filled with explosives and tar. It also shows us how Elizabeth felt about the invasion as in one of the scenes it shows her worried and distressed about it. Another reason why this source is useful is because it tells us who the main people were who were involved and some of the reasons why it was caused and how some people felt about it. Another thing is it shows how Elizabeth made a speech on top of the hill to inspire people and show that she is a military leader. However, Elizabeth the Golden is limited in many ways. Its purpose is to entertain its audience so a lot of things are exaggerated. To make it more dramatic, they showed the great gale during the battle in the North Sea whereas in actual life it happened after that. Also, the fact that it is made to entertain people means that they changed a lot of the historic facts to make the film more gripping and interesting, for example in actual history Sir Walter Raleigh was not involved in the attacks as he was in Ireland at the time. Francis Drake was the actual one who organized the fire ship attack that broke up the Spanish formation. Another reason why this is unreliable is because it fails to show a lot of important aspects such as the key reasons why the Spanish armada invaded and the dates, times, number of ships and other key points. We cannot fully trust this source because its purpose is to entertain the audience so that it can make money which
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