How Typical Are Periplectomenus’ Comments on Women on Pg 179?

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How typical are Periplectomenus’ comments on women on pg 179? Plautine comedy, thought to be performed around the late 3rd early 2nd century BC in Rome, is heavily influenced by Greek New Comedy, as introduced by Menander in the 4th century BC, and therefore draws upon a variety of comical Greek female stereotypes, which arguably also inherit a misogynistic bias against women. Plautus’ ‘Swaggering solider’ can be seen to convey this bias, most explicitly demonstrated through Periplectomenus’ scathing diatribe against women on pg 179, through listing examples of a “bad” wife’s behaviour by drawing on various negative stereotypes of women. Notably, this comedy of manners would be seen as especially comic to a contemporary, predominantly male Roman audience, who would relate to this negative presentation of a wife, and would agree, to some extent at least. Periplectomenus’ depiction of women as being ultimately manipulative and deceitful and can be seen in many ways to be a very typical characterisation in the play as a whole, most explicitly shown in practice with the female characters themselves, but also in the male characters comments on them. However, Periplectomenus’ repeated comments about women being materialistic, superstitious and a financial burden do not actually seem to be a typical characterisation of women at all in the ‘Swaggering Soldier’. On the one hand it can be persuasively argued that Periplectomenus’ misogynistic comments on women are a typical reflection of both the presentation and perception of women in Plautus’ ‘Swaggering Soldier’. This can first be validated with the way that women are stereotypically presented as manipulative and deceptive in the ‘Swaggering Soldier’, which can be reflected in Periplectomenus’ comment, in false direct speech, of a woman sycophantically addressing him as “darling” in order to convince him to give her “some

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