How Twitter Can Be Helpful Essay

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In my desired career as a sports reporter, it is a requirement to release the maximum amount of accurate information as quick as possible. It’s essential that you give play-by-play updates on any athlete or any game. Society likes to know what is happening right now. There are plenty of social media networks but Twitter is one that people tend to lean to for the quickest updates. Its conversational style of writing allows audiences to clearly understand the information. The tone of twitter is more relaxed than what would be found in a newspaper or magazine. Everything in tweets isn’t always spelled out or spelled correctly. A lot of the time things are abbreviated due to the 140 character limit. The tone in tweets is often similar to the tone in most of my text messages; they are short, sweet and to the point. Three news feeds that I enjoy following are ESPN, Sports Center, and Erin Andrews’ twitter page. All three of these feeds allow me to keep up with the latest in sports and sports related issues. ESPN and Sports Center both update me on any possible sporting event going on. They include details like key players, final scores, top plays, team conflicts and much more. Erin Andrews, a well-known sports reporter, tweets a lot about her career and allows me to see what that profession could be like for me. All three news feeds tweet links that are beneficial to me as an aspiring reporter. Links to interviews, game highlights, and team rankings are tweeted multiple times a day. I’m learning so much just by observing these three pages. It excites me to know that one day I could possibly be another helpful resource for accurate and speedy sports

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