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Fatiyha Johnson Essay In my opinion the Legislative Branch or better known as Congress is the most powerful branch of government because Congress have powers granted to them that is very similar to the powers that the other two branches of government posses, except these certain common powers that all three branches share Congress have a little more control when it comes to the other two. What I mean by that is for example all the branches of government are involved in the lawmaking process yet Congress has powers at times to exceed the right of the other two and override their decisions sometimes. For instance the judicial branch regulates, enforces and upholds the law but Congress makes the laws that the judicial branch enforce. It seems that Congress is at the top of the chain when it comes to the lawmaking process and they have more say in granting or denying a bill into becoming a law. One might think well the president can veto a bill and not make it a law but even so congress has the power to override that veto. Congress even have the authority of regulating how that law will be carried out and the president has to follow it exactly. So that means yes the president can veto a bill yet Congress can dismiss that veto and still make that bill a law anyways. Then the president approves of a bill into becoming a law and the president might even make certain changes when it comes to that bill but the president don’t have the power of how that particular law will be carried out. Instead the president has to follow the wishes of the Congress and how they want that law to be regulated. Thus proving yet another way Congress can exceed the powers of another branch. Congress also have the power to alter a proposed bill and changing it to better suit their particular views and how they want the law to be constructed. Yes like stated before the president can do this but

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