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The Structure of an Essay An essay is a group of paragraphs written about a single topic and a central main idea. There are three main points of an essay: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. 1. The introduction This is the first paragraph of an essay which explains the topic with general ideas. It is usually five to ten sentences. It catches the reader's attention and gives background information about the topic. It also has a thesis statement of the essay. The introduction is often organized by giving the most general ideas first and then leading to the most specific idea, which is the thesis statement. There are many different ways to introduce an essay: a. Facts and statistics: Introducing your essay with some surprising facts or statistics can capture your reader's interest. b. Short generalization: A simple sentence that catches the reader's attention and introduces the topic can sometimes be the most effective. c. Historical reference: A useful way to introduce a topic is to provide some historical information about it. Historical reference can often provide relevant background information to show the importance of the topic being discussed. d. Example or anecdote: An example or short description of an event or story can be an effective introduction to an essay when it illustrates the thesis that will be developed by the writer. e. Questions: Questions can also pique the reader's interest. By posing one or more questions in the introduction, the writer can involve the reader and set up a structure for the development of the essay. f. Quotation: Sometimes the words of others can best introduce a topic. If a quotation introduces your thesis in a unique way, this could be an effective beginning. 2. The main body These are the paragraphs that explain and

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