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AP English- Notes for the Canterbury Tales The Miller * Practical joke about the timeless theme of what happens when an older man marries a young, beautiful woman * John is a carpenter who is 80 years old. * John is married to an 18 year old girl named Alison * Womanizer * Alison wants to go to church because sinner * Nicholas makes Alison fall in love with him * Absolan, the church clergy man, also loved her * She made him kiss her butt * Nicolas gets branded by Absolan * Carpenter jumps out of the window and breaks his arm * Rules of the Host: must be amused and not offended The Reeve * this story tells about Reeve’s revenge against Miller * Tale of immorality for the sake of a joke.…show more content…
* Goes to Thomas’s house to ask why he didn’t offer money for his illness and keeps pushing him for his money * Thomas gets mad and farts on the friars hand and tells him to split that 12 ways * The Lord’s squire, in exchange for a gown-cloth, says to fart within the wheel and it will be slipt in twelve ways The Pardoner * Those who covet money, covet death, and this is the pardoners lesson of his own * Death had killed a thousand people before * The three drunks vowed to dins the killer and punish him * They meet an old man who they accuse of being a spy for Death and he sends them to an oak tree where they find gold instead of Death * The two men planned on killing the younger one and the younger one plans on killing the other two * All three men die Prioress * Anti-sematic tale yet it focuses on the importance of mother and child * A widows son singing the praise of mother Mary * One day he walks through an anti-religious Jewish ghetto and they push him into an alley and kill him * The mother Mary places a gold seed on his tongue so that he continues to sing and his mother finds him The Nun’s Priest * The winner of the contest because it amused yet did not offense the

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