How To Write An Excerpt From Dinetah 64

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Dinetah, 1863-‘64 For three seasons we have been under attack. Those who can are hiding, to escape the endless raids and captures. Kit Carson, a man, who has married two of my people, came today; he attacked again, but this time with much hatred and anger in his eyes. He and his men burned our fields, destroyed our water with white man’s magic, destroyed our hogans, and killed our horses and sheep. I think that we will soon be forced to give into what they want, expulsion. The whites want us far away from our lands. I know that many of my brothers are tired yet still we fight. Dinetah, Rainy Season ‘64 Today is a sad day for the Diné or Navajo; the white man’s name for us. We are leaving to go to the war hut Fort Canby or Wingate.…show more content…
There will be fighting and no peace can be found at war. Fort Sumner, ‘65 The crops we have tried to grow in this land of sun and sand have failed many times. Armyworms destroy our corn crops. The water from the river and the food given to us makes us sick; here is nothing but death for us. We have lost close to 1000 souls. Perhaps they are the blessed ones. The trees that we use for fire to cook and heat with are almost gone. With no way to grow crops or cook, I fear we may all die here. I will write no more until I have good news. In the future if anyone sees this they will be spared the horrible things that we are going through. Hweeldi ‘68 I dare hope again, spring has come and with it renewed hope. General Sherman came today. Sherman, Chief Barboncita, and other tribes’ leaders sat down and talked there is hope! We heard today that Chief Barboncita said to Sherman “ I hope you will not ask me to go to any other country except my own” (Sharp, 2008) when the Diné heard that and the answer came back no, I will not, there was a loud cry of joy among all Native Americans, but none so loud as the

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