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Night- Elie Wiesel During this section of the book, I learned more information about the holocaust and I had also learned Elie’s point of view while he lived during it. What I found most interesting in Night was the night that the Hungarian officers came into the town where some Jews lived and started yelling in the streets for all the Jews to come outside. This is one of the things I found most interesting because in my head, I was imagining all the chaos that was going on in the streets of the ghetto being caused by the Jewish people and the officers. I can’t even visualize the fright and terror in the Jewish people’s eyes because they were being taken away from their homes. The Jewish people were forced out of their homes and being dragged into an even smaller ghetto which would be watched by the Hungarian police. Another…show more content…
Today, we hear stories about the holocaust and we learn about it in global history, but we have didn’t live through it so we cannot relate to how the people felt as they were living through it. Reading the section of the book Night makes me wonder why the Jews didn’t rebel against the Hungarian and German officers but then I realize that rebelling would just get them killed. This portion of the book makes me think of my great grandfather because my grandpa would tell me stories about my great grandfather’s life in Ireland and how he had lived in terrible living conditions because he didn’t have a lot of money. Just hearing about my great grandfathers living conditions when he lived in Ireland makes me realize how terrible the Jews living in the holocaust had been because just hearing about my great grandfathers life makes me realize how much worse living in the holocaust would be because they were living in unsanitary places, did not have much food and were treated horribly and this affected all of the Jews in
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