How To Write An Essay On African Americans Since 1865

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African Americans Shannon Cowper American History Since 1865 Christopher Berg May 19, 2014 While African Americans once had few opportunities in their lives beyond working in the fields from sun up in the morning to sunset in the evening or as my Grandfather always said, “from can see to can't see.” There were however some slaves that fared far better than the field slaves by being selected as house servants, cooks and maids. Later, historical developments opened the door to many African Americans, but it would be many years before African Americans would begin to see some relief from blatant racism and gain a small measure of equality. In today’s world many people are aware of the unfortunate situations of the African Americans from…show more content…
In the year of 1955 there was a city ordinance which stated that African Americans had to relinquish their seats on a train or bus if a white man asked for them to and also the rule further stated that black people were not allowed to sit parallel on a bus to any white person. When a white man approached Rosa Parks and told her that he wanted her seat she simply told the man no; the bus driver then told her to move as well and she also told the bus driver no. Even when she was threatened with being arrested, she still continued to sit there and remained calm. When the bus stopped at the next bust stop the man called the police and Parks was then arrested. In response to this Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., organized the Montgomery bus boycott. Ninety percent of African Americans who rode buses to work began to boycott by walking, riding bikes, or carpooling. It didn’t take long for the boycott to start making a change and on December 20, 1956, the boycott came to an end once the Supreme Court ordered that the Alabama bus segregation laws were unconstitutional (Bowles,
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