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Heather Myers Dustin Keys CRN# 3941 November 4, 2010 Rough Draft A Child Called “It” The main character of this true story, David Stephens, delivers his heart-felt life with open arms. This story begins and ends bursting with emotion. California native David James Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960. He is the middle child of three brothers. David and his family lived a middle-class life in Daly City, Ca. He had a loving relationship with his parents Stephen Joseph and Catherine Roerva. David was extremely close to his father. Stephen Joseph was a very dedicated fireman in the heart of San Francisco. He was also close to his two brothers Ronald and Stan. Life seemed perfect in the boys’ eyes. David’s relationship with his mother was warm and loving in the beginning. But his mother’s love and affection suddenly changed overnight. David went from being a part of a warm, caring family to daily abuse that almost killed him. He was saved in the one place he felt he could be free. His school teacher and nurse were his…show more content…
Cold-hearted, mind-blowing physical abuse is unconscionable. It’s unfortunate that alcohol played a big role with the abuse. It got so bad David barely had the strength to crawl away, even if it meant saving his life; not to mention, the verbal abuse being spouted on a daily basis right along with the physical abuse. The first time his mother got physical with him he was four years old. His mother ran up to him and started punching all over his body. Kicking was the next round he endured and for no reason. It’s even worse when the abuser is the one person who brought you into the world. Being singled out with hatred by your own mother is sickening. She locked him in the bathroom with one vent but no windows and made him inhale a bucket full of pure ammonia. After surviving that, she tried forcing David to eat a dirty

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