How to Write an Advertisement Essay

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How to write an advertisement? Method 1: Mastering the basics 1. Decide where to publish the ad. Will your advertisement be printed in the newspaper, a magazine, your website, or Facebook? Knowing where you plan to publish the ad will influence the way you write your copy. Find out the perimeters of your advertising space, including how many words you're allotted, how large the font size will be, and whether you can incorporate graphics or video. Ultimately, the traditional classifieds-style ad will fly in almost any medium, but you might need to make small tweaks to tailor it to the space in which you're advertising. * If you're taking out a quarter to full-page advertisement in your local newspaper, you're going to have some room to play around with a paragraph or so of copy. * However, for a Facebook or other online ad, your copy will be limited to a sentence or so. * Either way, when you're writing an ad, every word counts. Being too vague or wordy will cause people to skim your advertisement instead of pausing to read it, so the same writing tenets apply no matter what type of ad you're writing. 2. Tailor it to your audience. Which consumers are you targeting? Ideally, everyone who reads your ad will want to buy your product, but in reality you'll have better results if you tailor your ad to a specific audience that is likely to be more interested than the rest of the world. Use language and references that appeal to the demographic to which your product appeals. It might be a turnoff for other groups of people, but it's important to speak to the hearts of the people who have the potential to become loyal customers. * For example, if you're selling a service that allows people to self publish their books, you'll want to use language that sounds writerly and elegant. That way your target audience - people who have written

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