How To Write A Teal Pfeifer Argumentative Essay

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Teal Pfeifer’s Argument Essay (MLA Style) 1 '' 2 1'' Pfeifer 1 Teal Pfeifer Professor Rashad English 102 April 13, 2007 Devastating Beauty Collarbones, hipbones, cheekbones -- so many bones. She Title uses play on words to pique interest looks at the camera with sunken eyes, smiling, acting beautiful. Her dress is Versace, or Gucci, or Dior, and it is revealing, revealing every bone and joint in her thin, thin body. She looks fragile and beautiful, as if I could snap her in two. I look at her and feel the soft cushion of flesh that surrounds my own joints, my own shoulders and hips that are broad, my own ribs surrounded by skin and muscle and fat. I am not nearly as fragile or graceful or thin. Opening uses emotional…show more content…
If women stopped buying magazines that target them with such harmful advertising, magazines would be forced to change the kinds of ads they print. Such a boycott would send a clear message: women and girls reject the victimization that takes place every time they look at a skeletally thin model and then feel worse about themselves. Consumers can ultimately control what is put on the market: if we don’t buy, funding for such ads will dry up fast. Good reason: boycotts have been effective In the past, boycotts have been effective tools for social change. Rosa Parks, often identified as the mother of the modernday civil rights movement, played a pivotal role in the Montgomery Presents a precedent/example as evidence bus boycott in December 1955. When Parks refused to give up her seat to a white bus rider, she was arrested, and this incident inspired the boycott. For more than a year, the vast majority of African Americans in Montgomery chose to walk instead of ride the buses. Many of them were terrorized or harassed, but the boycott Source: Andrea A. Lunsford, The St. Martin’s Handbook, 6th ed. (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008) Pfeifer
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