How To Write A Narrative Essay On A Double A High School Baseball Game

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I’m standing in the bullpen, gazing upon the massive crowd that attending the Double A High School State Championship baseball game. So many thoughts were going through my head; “Do I really want to pitch this game,” “Are there any college baseball scouts in the stands watching,” “What will happen if I don’t pitch to my fullest capability,” needless to say I was very nervous for this game. Warming up in the bullpen was scary enough for me because it was right in front of everyone, and I did not want to look like I was terrible at pitching, even though I was considered the ace for my team. I took my time warming up because I wanted to make sure my mechanics were correct. Before it was time for the game to start the announcer calls out the rosters…show more content…
To my dad always yelling at me for my attitude and wanting me to play better. All the baseball camps I went to with my father, and hitting and pitching lessons I took going through high school to better my skills. All of these memories are all I have left of an amazing baseball career growing up. I think that if you ask any baseball player before they get ready to play a game, what their thoughts are about the other team, they would only have respect for that team because anything can happen in a baseball game. A team who is highly rated could lose to a poorly rated team at any time. This is why I find this event so significant to me because of my attitude going into the State Championship game. My team was voted to win because our skill level was a lot greater than the other team’s was, and of course we knew that. So we go into this game thinking that we were going to stomp all of the opposing team. Obviously as you can see through the story I just told you that did not

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