How To Write A Narrative Essay On Harry Man Road

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Nick Trevino Smith English – 1301 The Hill Towards the end of my sophomore year, my friend Joey and I wanted to have a new experience like none other. We wanted to travel on and reach the other side of Harry Man Road, and adventure through unexplored territory of hills while on our longboards. Never before had we attempted a feat like this because Harry Man was only a two-lane road and consisted of multiple winding curves. Being long boarders, our thirst of freedom needed to be met with spontaneity and unsuspecting thrills. This dangerous decision would not be the only one we made that day. This near suicide idea came to us on a quiet, weekend while Alex, my brother and Joey’s best friend, was at work. The three of us were a close trio, always hanging out and riding together. On that day though, Joey and I had been left with nothing to do during the afternoon. We rode on our casual routes throughout our neighborhood and the surrounding ones, eventually coming to a rest at our neighborhood pool. As both of us knew the day was young and our routine roads literally didn’t excite us anymore we came to the conclusion of facing the unthinkable: Harry Man Road. Going on this dangerous road with nothing but curiosity and stupidity we prepared ourselves for the pursuit.…show more content…
Previously I’d only been to this part of the area in a car, so now being able to ride the streets was truly an event I’ll always remember. We rode to the top of Great Oaks to Bright Water, where at sixteen years old, I witnessed one of the largest hills I’ve ever seen. Standing directly at the bottom, I looked up and felt the menacing road was mocking me. I turned to Joey and saw the same look in his face: wanting to conquer the slope. We walked up the hill carrying our boards, wanting to savor the thrill of riding down. We reached the peak of the hill, only to gaze down in

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