How To Write A Manipulative Sex Offender Essay

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Latasha Thomas Composition I Final Project Today’s society can be a scary and dangerous place, if not properly prepared for it. Some things must be put in place to protect those who can’t necessarily protect themselves. That is why I want to let parents and children know about sexual predators that may come around them or adults who make them feel uncomfortable. Never is it ok for an adult to touch a child inappropriately, or abuse them sexually. As adults we owe it to children to ensure their safety against sexual predators among us, online and off. There are many programs at schools and at community centers that makes children aware of some dangers to look for when approached by someone you don’t know. Some things these places can’t teach our children and so that is where we come in as parents. With monitoring our child’s behavior and talking to our children to make sure they understand that there are bad people out there and how to make themselves aware of this. A few things I like that the schools teach, is the buddy system and to scream or make as much noise when someone…show more content…
There are many types of sex offenders: Manipulative, Opportunist, and coercive. (Gonçalves, 2012) The Manipulative sex offender is typically child molesters. They go after the young and helpless, which cannot defend themselves as an adult would. Opportunist sex offenders are typically rapist. They wait to seize opportunities to attack or wait to it is convenient for them to attack and rape. Were Coercive sex offenders are typically child molesters and rapists the worse of each. This type of offender doesn’t care about age or gender and is just an all-around sexual predator. The worst because they don’t care who they hurt and some have no conscience of what they are doing or self-control. No matter what they are they all need to be watched and put in jail before or after they commit the act of molestation or
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