How to Write a Good Additional Information for Your College Application. Essay

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Throughout my life I have been bullied , because of my appearance. Kids didn't like my look and they were always rude to me. What hurt the most were the offensive things they used to tell me - things such as 'porky' and 'Ms Bacon' . Then one day , when I was about 12 , all of my hormones surged into my body and I felt in love with a guy from my school . I thought he like me , I thought he care. But the only thing that I felt was another disappointment that hurt my heart even worse. Soon, he told me the truth :that he is going out with me , only to make laugh at me later in the school. I was suffering a lot , because even thought I pretended I didn't care , I was broken from the inside. I was just a kid.Soon I was able to stay at home on the computer for days and even my best friend couldn't get me out of my room ,the only peaceful place in my world. The only escape that I had during my suffering was my computer and mostly the Internet and all of the different things you can learn from it . Most of my lonely nights I spended writing invented stories and stories that have happy endings. My parents knew about my situation and they tried to talk with the teachers but things stopped when I moved the school. I was no longer a object of mockery , and in fact I lost a bit of weight, I found some new friends and for the first time in my life I felt self-confident and satisfied. My intention to study IT A level is based on my gratefulness that my heart feels to all of the digital technology. Although, some people say that using technology only makes you addicted and leads to unhealthy life I strongly disagree with them because technology was the only thing that helped me to go thought everything that

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