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KNOW HOW TO WRITE A 5­ PARAGRAPH ESSAY FOR THE ADVANCED ESL WRITING WORKSHOP IS IMPORTANT . It is very important to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay because that will help you in many ways in your life and not only in school. It is will help you wherever you go and whatever you have to do: whether you write a resume or an email. The ability to know how to write a 5­paragraph essay helps to know how to express yourself in a coherent way and it is tested at the final exam. The 5­paragraph essay is an excellent tool to express one’s thoughts in a plain and straightforward manner. Such an essay also helps to show what was learned during the course and whether the student knows how to think critically. All students taking Advanced ESL Writing Workshop are required to write a good 5­paragraph essay at the final exam. The essay usually consists of introduction, conclusion and 3 body paragraphs. An introduction presents the main idea of the whole essay. For example, the main idea of the current essay is the importance of knowing how to write a 5­paragraph essay. After naming the main idea in the introduction the student will illustrate this idea in the introduction by naming the three topics, which in turn will become the topic sentences of the three body paragraphs of the essay’s body. In other words, the three topics named in the introduction will be developed in the three body paragraphs. The successful passing of the course more than anything depends on the ability to write a coherent 5­paragraph essay. A 5 ­paragraph essay is an excellent tool of the introduction where the students shows the reader what his point is and where he is going to lead the essays. In it the three following paragraphs the way of fulfilling on the outline is the introduction . the conclusion is written to reinforce the ideas and also to wrap up the whole

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