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This novel doesn’t really have a specific narrator, it is told by three students; T.C Keller, Augie Hwong, and Alejandra Perez, and their alternating perspectives. The story’s point of view is told in first person because during the story three teenage students are talking about what’s happening right there and then between them. I think this type of narration throughout the book is a good because this way the reader understands how the characters are feeling about the situation through the characters own perspective. I think the narration chosen for this novel was smart for the type of situations that came up while reading, for example some parts of the book were told by two characters going back and forth through instant messaging or notes. So it was easier for the reader to understand it coming from the characters them self then from a separate narrator. I think the author did well with picking the narration for this book. The writing style Steve Kluger used for this story was different from most; the author chose to set up the story mainly through diary entries directed toward the three student’s chosen confidents. For example T.C chose his mother who passed away, Augie chose the “diva of the week”, and Alejandra chose…show more content…
The books tone also includes romance, which Kluger included through T.C. and Alejandra and their love hate relationship. I think intriguing would be the best word to define this book because the author made the reader wanting more, to see what happens next every time the students had one of their situations. One major example of this would be when T.C. discovers he is in love with Alejandra and writes her a note telling her he was interested in starting a relationship. When Alejandra rejected him I was set on finding out if she would ever end up with T.C. I think the tone of the book helps the reader enjoy it

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