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This case study will examine the marketing and visual plan of Prince Sports. It will include the trends in environmental forces that work for and against Prince Sports in the tennis industry, marketing and promotional activities to promote tennis playing, and to reach certain players. This case study will also include how Prince Sports can gain distribution and sales as well as reaching global markets outside of the United States. In the twenty-first century, there are trends in the environmental forces that could work and work against Prince Sports in the tennis industry. Social trends can work for Princeton Ports by simply using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Utilizing social media can really get the…show more content…
Offering consumer brochures in stores and being placed in store ads. Prince Sports could also send out coupons in the mail and Sunday ads. Maybe at specialty tennis shops, Prince Sports could have a spokesperson who could go and visit the different stores and possibly host a demo. In reaching global markets outside of the United States Prince Sports should consider economics status and demographics when selecting countries. If the country is poor there will not be an increase in sales and could end up being a loss rather than a gain. Japan, France, and Australia would be some good choices. Prince Sports could reach these markets by contacting professional tennis players who live in these countries. Maybe Prince Sports cold have a spokesperson in each country to help promote their products. There are many ways Prince Sports could expand and achieve their marketing goals. Prince Sports should make sure there products are affordable but competitive and appeal to all ages. Prince Sports could also reach out to countries where tennis playing is on the rise. Russia is one of the leading countries considered a tennis

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