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When writing an autobiography, you focus on three major topics: Who you are in life. What life means to you. What your outlook on the future is. “Autobiographies have been written since A.D. 400 when an early Christian leader, Saint Augustine, wrote his.” An autobiography is information about one’s own life written by that one person. In it, it tells what that person’s life is all about. When writing your own autobiography, use interesting facts to explain as much about yourself as you can. The first thing you do when writing an autobiography is start off with lot of facts about your life. You have to give a lot of information so your reader can clearly understand what is going on. Once you have written this introduction, you are ready to start your first paragraph of the autobiography. For example: When and where you were born. Where you live (city and state). Where you go to school. Who you live with. Who you are in life? The best way to start an auto biography is to state you name. When you are writing this paragraph, you usually explain the type of person you are; use facts about yourself. Such as: Have you won any awards? What type of awards have you won? Did you finish school? Do you plan on going to college? References: “Autobiography” The World Book Encyclopedia 1992 ed. Volume A; How to write Autobiography continues: What life means to you? This is now your second paragraph. In this paragraph you should state how you see life. What does life mean to you? Are you happy or sad? Do you have a lot of friends or just a few? How do you make your school days go by? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What are your favorite places to go on dates? If you are involved in a relationship, do you think it will last forever? What is your outlook on the future? In this paragraph (third) you should explain what you think the future will

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