How To Tell a True War Story Essay

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Cody Jessee Professor Womack ENGL 1302 31 January 2012 Short Story Journal 2 The most important event in the story is when O’Brien tells us about how rat writes the letter to Lemons sister and she never replies. It shows that not everyone feels the same way for everybody. Rat loved Lemon and was devastated to say the least when he was killed. All his sister had to do was just reply to the letter and it wouldn’t have been as tragic. Without O’Brien telling us that we would have never had a story. The way he describes the river is really worth noticing because when described it gives the reader a sense of peacefulness. They are in Vietnam fighting the Vietnam War; it starts out in the rural country and then goes to where they’re high in the mountains on a stake out just listening to the sounds, waiting for something to happen. If it were set in a different place and time it wouldn’t be as drastic because the Vietnam War was a very controversial war and maybe that’s why the sister never replied because she didn’t agree with the war. If it wasn’t set during this time and setting it would definitely not be the same. It wouldn’t give the reader the same eerie effect as it does in the spooky foreign jungles of Vietnam. Rat is the most important character in the story; he stays the same throughout the story, a cheerful young kid just fighting in a war, trying to make the best out of his situation until his friend gets killed. That’s when he turns to somebody that the other soldiers had never seen. Someone who destroyed a baby water buffalo out of spite for his best friend, he is not the same happy cheerful young man as he was before Lemon was killed. The way O’Brien describes the killing of the water buffalo makes me feel like Rat changes. While he is doing this the other soldier’s just stand around and are in shock from what they are seeing, but you also get a sense
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