How To Tackle a Girl Essay

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How To Tackle A Girl Do you think that the girl you interested with is out of your league? Have you ever admired to have a date with her but you do not know how to treat her on a date? Maybe you have been rejected many times that makes you give up having a dream girl? Capture her heart may become way too easy for someone but sometime it might be nightmare for them who feel awkward when they have a conversation with a girl. However, do not give up on your dream girl. Here are some tips that you can follow to make any girls fall for you. There are three steps to tackle a girl, such as look handsome and charming, smile and relax, and be ready for a date. First and foremost, be handsome and charming. Most of girls feel comfortable with a good looking and tidy guy. Hence, physical appearance play important role to attract a girl to come and get you. There are some tips to improve your physical appearance such as looking after your skin like wash your face and shave it. Among teenagers, their skin are sensitive to environment. Therefore, they need to overcome them by using some male skincare materials. By using facial exfoliator and moisturizer will help to take out dead skin and remove your skin feeling silky (,2009).In addition, use a quality shaving gel to improve your skin while shaving(,2009).We recommend you to ask dermatologist for more information before using skincare products to make sure they are suitable for your skin. Next, keep your teeth clean such as floss it after you have done your meal. This can prevent from stained teeth and bad breath. To make sure you avoid from this disgusting appearance, use an antiseptic and anti-plaque for mouthwash plus use the dental floss to slip between your teeth ( next step is to keep your hair healthy such as using suitable shampoo and conditioner ( first, you

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