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Catching Giants Every person wants to try to surf at point in their life. The feel of adrenaline when dropping in on a big wave, or just the feeling of saying you surfed and stood up on a surfboard. These are moments you can always talk about later in life, but not everyone has that ability to stand up or have balance on a board that is gliding through the rough water. Here are tips for those who want to start learning how to surf. Step One: Checking the weather and surf report is very important because you don’t want to go to the beach and it starts to rain or there are no waves to catch! Local newspapers or news channels should have the weather report and surf reports, if not websites are available to search for them. The perfect weather to surf is when there is pure sunlight and no wind. You can get a tan while surfing and if there is wind, the water will be choppy and ugly. No wind will make the water nice and smooth. For beginners, the perfect waves to learn how to surf are about one and a half to two and a half feet. Not to big but just enough force to carry you. Step Two: Pick out a surfboard to use. You need to pick the right board for the right occasion. If its small waves and you’re still learning how to surf, a good board to use is a long board. Long boards are easier to catch waves because it’s bigger and the force of the wave can carry it easier. If you’re a professional or want to take the chance at a big wave you can use a short board. Short boards go way faster and take a lot more balance. Step Three: After picking your board out, load everything you need into your vehicle. Make sure you TIE the boards down good. Driving with the boards untied can lead to them flying off and breaking. That wouldn’t be a good thing because you wouldn’t be able to surf and it would cost you lots of money to repair or purchase a new board. Step Four: Make

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