How to Support Effective Communication

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Unit 501. 1.2 In my Job role I communicate with many individuals including service users, support staff, care managers and outside services. I use a range of communication methods throughout the day this can be spoken, electronic, written, face to face and specialised I:e sign language. I recognise that good communication has to be personalised to each individual and I make sure each person has the correct method of communication to be able to feed back to me. When communicating with support staff I make sure that I remain part of the team and that each member of staff sees me on a regular basis and that they know how to contact me at all times, whether I am in the office or out in the field. All staff members can communicate between each other via mobile telephones, the office and communication sheets left in each service users folders. I find good communication between all staff members is essential so that everybody has the information they require to complete the tasks and to give the best service available. I communicate with support staff about their training needs, supervisions and appraisals, all support staff receive a monthly reflective account so that they can express any problems they have and so I can deal with any issues effectively. When communicating with service users, families and outside agency’s I use a wide range of communication methods including total communication aids to collate as much information as possible so that I can prepare the best care package for the individual and so the support team have all the information they need. This helps me keep up a good standard of communication skills and methods within my job role, this also enables me to keep up good positive rapports and relationships whilst building a trust with each individual that I work with. All though I use a range of communication methods I find that the most useful

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