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Taking Advantage of Your Education College can be a very stressful time in a young person’s life if he or she does not manage his or her time wisely when it comes to studying. The transition from high school to college for me was a smooth one, but I quickly realized during my sophomore year as an undergraduate that my study habits from high school were not going to cut it in college. In high school, I would pretty much cram the weekend of the exam and still managed to do really well on my tests. I did this last semester also and did pretty well. My courses this year are more challenging and cramming the weekend before an exam just isn’t enough. Many other students out there are realizing that their study habits from high school just aren’t working anymore but there is no need to fret there is hope. There are some things you can implement into your study regime that may make a world of difference on how you do on that next exam; you have to be motivated, you must educate yourself about the course, use different study resources that are available to you, you must prioritize your time, get organized, and know what studying technique is most suitable for you. I have learned that it is hard to do something when one is not motivated to do what needs to be done. Motivation is to arouse interest or eagerness for partaking in some type of activity. The activity here is studying, if you want to be a successful studier, you have to get yourself motivated. You have to push yourself and be eager to sit down and study. (6 tips) A way I motivate myself is to read motivational quotes. I post them on my wall and on my Facebook page. The quote, “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending- Anonymous” (Dare to be Great) is something I can really relate to now because of some poor decisions I am a little behind in my

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