How to Structure a Essay and Plan for One

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Essay writing Skills Introduction The first paragraph is an introduction, which should provide a clear overview of the argument that will follow. You introduce the reader to: * The texts to be analysed * A brief statement about your understanding of the question, phrased as a thesis statement * The general direction of your answer (Do not give specific examples or begin your argument in the introduction. When introducing texts, make sure you get the basics right e.g. Title and composer’s name spelled with genre). Body response The bulk of the response is taken up by the main body, which is a presentation of the points in your argument, supported by textual evidence and discussion. Each point should begin a new paragraph and be the topic sentence of that paragraph. The rest of the paragraph then details the textual evidence that supports your points and provides: * A discussion or explanation of how the evidence relates to the point in the topic sentence * How the point answers the question So, a plan of each individual paragraph could look like this: Paragraph * Topic sentence (a main point that develops your argument and answers the supporting question) * Supporting evidence from the text (this could be a direct quotation, paraphrase or a statement about something in the text) * One or two sentences that explain why the evidence supports the main point * One or two sentences that link the paragraph to your overall argument and the question STEEL Statement Technique Example Effect/explain Link back to question Conclusion You should always write a conclusion to an English response. The conclusion should be a statement that explains how your main points have provided your argument. You should not introduce any new points into your conclusion. How to plan your writing 1. Analyse the question, look for key words and phrases 2. Write

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