How to Stop Being Shy

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Rachael Barrett Professor Armstrong English 101 18 April 2012 How to Stop Being Shy There are people in this world that is very shy. Some people are very talkative. For some people it is hard to talk to people that they do not know and for other people it is very easy. Shy people will just sit there and listen to you. They might make small talk but they will not talk a lot like talkative people do. I am a very bashful person so I know how it is and I know how it is to be talkative because I use to be. It is hard to talk to people that I don’t really know. People can find a lot of solutions for their problem of being shy but I am going to give you three solutions. One solution to overcome shyness is improving your self-esteem. To improve your self-esteem is to become extremely self-conscious and in order to do that we will have to put on a lot of attention when around other people. Some unsocial people also have negative attitudes towards their life. Sometimes they think nothing is interesting about them but someone might see something interesting about them (Mukherjee). We could also practice conversation. In order to do that we could make a script out of what we want to say and then act it out in front of a mirror. Some people may do this and some may not because some of them might think it is an unwise thing to do (Mukherjee). We must learn to relax. Some people that are nervous get anxious in talking to people because they are not use to talking to anyone. When they are talking to people, they usually don’t know what to say because they barely talk to anyone (Mukherjee). I am a shy person but I will not write down what I want to say and practice a conversation in front of a mirror. I am only that way in school. At home I talk all the time. I never have negative attitude towards my life because I like the way it is. There are five steps that can
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